February Ministry Ideas

02_bp_artticket_jnBy Michael C. Mack

February 5—Super Bowl Sunday.
For outreach ideas, go to the Super Bowl Outreach page of Sports Fan Outreach International: http://sfoi.org/super-bowl.

February 11—Make a Friend Day.
Holiday Insights (www.holiday-insights.com) describes this day as “a great opportunity to meet someone new or do something to make a new friend.” Leverage this weekend to encourage church attendees to connect with others in community through small groups or other ministries.

February 14—Valentine’s Day.
• Throw a Valentine’s dance just for singles. Provide a fun, inviting opportunity for those who are tired of online dating and blind setups. (You might even encourage singles not to bring dates.)

• Offer a free Italian dinner for couples and throw in some entertainment for an inexpensive and fun evening out.

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