WHERE’S THE STEEPLE? — CrossWinds Church, Pleasanton, CA
WHERE’S THE STEEPLE? — CrossWinds Church, Pleasanton, CA

By Jennifer Johnson

The land surrounding CrossWinds Church in central California was once used to nurture cattle and provide dairy products to the surrounding area. When the church acquired the Friesman Brothers farm, the property included a house more than a century old, crumbling barns, and bridges originally used to cross the river that divides the property into three sections.

Today, boards from the barn, metal roofs from the outbuildings, and other reclaimed material has been upcycled to preserve the character of this historic land while creating the new home of CrossWinds Church. The buildings are set back from busy Interstate 580, and the parking lot is screened by vineyards. The community is welcome on the property throughout the week to visit the petting zoo, walk the trails, and enjoy ice cream; and a historic barn is a popular wedding spot.

As CrossWinds restored this property, the church prayed it would become a metaphor for God’s restoration in each life. The land that once provided milk and cream for central California now provides spiritual nourishment for the next generation.


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