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At Eye Level

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By Ronald G. Davis

A few years ago, a well-known preacher”s morning sermon was titled “God at Eye Level.” That”s a provocative title, isn”t it?

In that Jerusalem upper room long ago and at this table today, we are at eye level with God. That”s an intriguing thought to me.

Imagine those men who were at the table in the upper room, eye-to-eye with Jesus. Could each look him in the eye? Or did each try to hide his face in the shadows of that dimly lit room, not so much as daring to catch his eyes with their own?

Thomas””who would doubt his resurrection””what doubt might have been reflected in his eyes here this night?

Young John””son of thunder””leaning into the very face of Jesus; what self-sufficient burst of human pride might be seen on his face? Would he ponder calling down fire and brimstone on Jesus” betrayer and on his tormentors?

Peter””about to deny even knowing the Lord in only a few hours””what cowardice lurked behind his manly lids? Would he show bravery or only bravado in the face of Jesus” arrest and abuse?

Nathanael””once proclaimed by Jesus as an Israelite in whom there was nothing false””was he ready to join in that childish and petty argument about personal greatness about to erupt in this same room? Would he even think or dare say, “You all do remember when Jesus said of me . . . ?”

And what of Judas””coins of betrayal rattling in the folds of his garment””what greed and treachery ran freely with any fake tears he could manage? Was his eye on the door, the one he would soon use to exit into the dark of night and dark of soul?

And then, the important question: What of me? Will I hold a shamed head down? Or will I hold a redeemed face up . . . fully looking into the eyes of the One on the cross? Certainly I carry the flaws of character and soul that each of the apostles did. But here I sense redemption. I have been bought back!

Here at this table we are at eye level with God”s all-seeing, all-knowing eye. The only way we can approach is with a repentant heart, looking for the love and grace in his eye. The love and grace personified on a Roman cross, as body and blood paid the ransom. Here . . . here we feel “fully paid up” and we can look our Savior in the eye.


Ron Davis loves “standing at the cross” reverently and thankfully each week at the Lord”s table of grace and sensing God”s love. 

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