3 August, 2021

The 2018 Charts: Large Churches and Medium Churches


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Our annual listing of churches is one of CHRISTIAN STANDARD’s most popular features. This year scores of churches participated, including 88 large churches (those with 500 to 999 in weekly attendance during 2018) and 86 medium churches (250 to 499). In May we featured an article and statistics from 55 megachurches (2,000 or more in weekly attendance) and 70 emerging megachurches (1,000 to 1,999). Come back in October for articles and charts from small (100–249) and very small churches (less than 100).

Click here to view and download 2018 Charts2, with data from large churches and medium churches . . . or click on them individually.

2018 Large Churches

2018 Medium Churches

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