Discovery Questions for June 7, 2020
Discovery Questions for June 7, 2020

Study Questions for Groups

(These Discovery questions go with the Bible lesson for June 7, 2020: “The Look of True Friendship” For a detailed explanation of how to use Discovery Bible Study, click here.)

By Leigh Mackenzie

1. In what ways were you like Job this past week, by being thankful and able to praise God through hard times?

2. What difficult or challenging circumstances did you or people around you encounter?

Ask three people—two readers and one reteller—to help. Ask the two readers to read Job 16:1-5, 15-21 one after the other (preferably from different Bible versions). Then ask the same two readers to each read Job 6:12-17.

Ask the third person to summarize (not interpret) what these passages are saying as a whole. (Keep it simple; about 60 seconds is all the time that’s needed.)

3. What is the general tone of Job’s responses to his friends?

             – Which verses seem the most “negative” in nature?

             – Which seem particularly positive?

             – Describe how Job “turned the tables” on his friends.

4. What evidence indicates how Job’s friends treated him in his misery?

5. What do these passages teach you about God?          

6. What do these passages teach you about humanity?

7. In what specific ways does this passage change how you view and interact with others who are going through difficult times?

8. What do these passages teach you about obedience (or the lack of it)?

9. With whom will you share the lessons you have learned through these passages in the upcoming days?

10. Based on these sections of Scripture, complete this sentence: This week, I will . . .

11. What will be a challenge for you this week?

For next week: Sometime in the next seven days, reflect on Job 38:16-41 as we continue to study the book of Job. You can also read next week’s supplemental texts as well as the Study and Application sections as part of your personal study.

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