Discovery Questions for October 4, 2020
Discovery Questions for October 4, 2020


Lesson for Oct. 4, 2020: Teach (1 Timothy 4:6-16)

“Are We Making Progress?” by David Faust (Lesson Application)


Study Questions for Groups

By Michael C. Mack

1. What was your biggest challenge last week?

2. In what specific way did you lead well or serve well this past week?

Ask three people—two readers and one reteller—to help. Ask the readers to read 1 Timothy 4:6-16 one after the other, preferably from different Bible versions. (Option: As one of the “readers,” you can use a Bible app on a phone or other device to play the audio of the passage aloud.)

Ask the third person to summarize the passages in one minute or less. Remind them to keep it simple.

3. What big-picture message was Paul communicating to Timothy?

4. As a group, go through the passage and find Paul’s directives to Timothy (there are about 12) and determine:

• Which are directed toward the development of Timothy’s faith?

• Which are directed toward Timothy regarding how specifically he was to carry out his ministry?

• Which ones focus both on Timothy’s faith and his ministry?

• What does Paul’s use of the word devote (v. 13) tell you about the importance of the practice of “the public reading of Scripture”?

5. How do both the personal reading, reflection, and study of God’s Word and the public reading of Scripture work together to mature us in our faith?

6. What do you learn from this passage about God?

7. What do you learn about the value of godliness/character, especially for those who lead?

• Let’s take a few moments for a “progress report.” How would you describe your spiritual progress over the last year? (As people share, take time as a group to encourage them in the progress you’ve observed.)

8. What spiritual gift do you have that you sense you might be neglecting lately? (If anyone has trouble identifying a spiritual gift, take time as a group to encourage that person by sharing a gifting you’ve observed in that person. Be as specific as possible. For instance, “I believe you have the gift of mercy. When I was dealing with ___, you showed me mercy in the way you ___.”)

9. Pick one directive from this passage that you sense you need to start (or restart) obeying. (Pause and encourage everyone to pick one thing.) Which directive did you choose, and why?

10. Based on our study and discussion, complete this sentence: “This week, I will . . .”

11. What new challenge do you anticipate this week?

For next week: Over the next week, read and reflect on 2 Timothy 1:8-12; 2:3-10; and 4:14-15 as we begin a study of 2 Timothy and the theme, “Serve Christ.” You can also read next week’s supplemental texts as well as the Study and Application sections as part of your personal study.

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