27 October, 2021

SPOTLIGHT: ONE&ALL Church (San Dimas, CA, and International)

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More Than Just a Name Change

Until recently, ONE&ALL Church was known as Christ’s Church of the Valley. The church changed its name when it began expanding its multisite model outside of Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley. Today, ONE&ALL Church has campuses as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, and Pakistan. Its worship services are also broadcast daily on Christian radio into many other countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Indonesia.

Through partnerships with various Christian radio networks, ONE&ALL Church is transmitting the gospel to remote parts of the globe—what senior pastor Jeff Vines calls “unreachable places.” Vines explained that in many parts of the world, especially those without high-speed internet access, radio is still the primary medium of choice for most residents.

ONE&ALL Church established its international radio ministry because of Vines’s history as a missionary. Prior to his ministry in Southern California, he spent 10 years as a missionary in Africa and 10 years in New Zealand. Though he has now lived in California for more than a decade, Vines’s sermons are heard around the world on Christian radio every day. Many countries carry the original English broadcast of ONE&ALL’s weekly service, and some services are translated into local languages.

Back home in Southern California, the vision of ONE&ALL Church is to reach its entire region with four campuses in the San Gabriel Valley and a “care center” centrally located between them. The care center provides food, temporary housing, and more than 100 counselors as a community service. The goal was to make the care center easily accessible to residents of the entire region by locating it in the geographic center of the valley, Vines explained.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, ONE&ALL’s care center served about 2,500 visitors monthly. In 2020, that number roughly quadrupled—to 2,500 weekly. As a result, the city declared ONE&ALL an essential service provider.

ONE&ALL Church hopes to repeat the model of four church sites with a care center “in the middle” in regions outside of Southern California. Not unlike the church’s radio ministry, the vision has been embraced by churches outside the United States. Some international congregations are already implementing the model, and others are going one step further by becoming satellite campuses of ONE&ALL Church.

A church on Australia’s Gold Coast will be the first congregation outside the United States to implement the ONE&ALL model of four church campuses and a care center. Vines believes the timing and the location are perfect.

“People are really hurting there,” he said. “COVID has taken it to another level.”

A congregation in New Zealand hopes to be the next one to implement the model.

Many other congregations in faraway locations are revitalizing and reimagining their local ministry with sermon recordings and other tools provided by ONE&ALL Church. For Vines and ONE&ALL, the ultimate vision is to meet the needs of people—whether locally or outside the United States.

After all, as Vines said, “I’m a missionary at heart.”

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Justin Horey

Justin Horey is a writer, musician, and the founder of Livingstone Marketing. He lives in Southern California.


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