25 September, 2022

TSF Achieves $1 Billion in Assets (Plus Other News Briefs)

by | 10 August, 2022

At the World Discipleship Summit in Orlando, Fla., last week, Doug Crozier, CEO of The Solomon Foundation, announced that the church extension had achieved $1 billion in total assets. 

Since its founding 11-plus years ago, TSF has helped more than 500 churches with facilities, and these churches have seen their combined attendance grow by more than 150,000. Additionally, these 500-plus churches have baptized more than 55,000 people since moving into their new facilities through their partnership with TSF. 

TSF is one of only four church extension funds to achieve $1 billion in assets.

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Christine Cable, 69, of Fairfield, Ill., who served 42 years with St. Louis Christian College, the last 27 as dean of students, died on July 22, 2022, at Fairfield Memorial Hospital after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease. She graduated from SLCC in 1975 (BS in church music) and later earned a master’s degree in counseling from Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville. The lifelong musician was an accomplished pianist and oboist. While serving at SLCC, she taught piano and accompanied choral groups and soloists. For many years, she led the worship team and was the pianist at Halls Ferry Christian Church in Florissant, Mo. A memorial service will take place at noon Friday (Aug. 12) at First Christian Church, Fairfield. Visitation will be from 10 a.m. until time of service. More information is available from Johnson & Vaughn Funeral Home’s Facebook page.

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An Ozark Christian College graduate who has served as a law enforcement officer for 25 years surprised coworkers last week when he returned to headquarters two days after being shot and hospitalized. Brent Scott, of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department in Arkansas, was shot after responding to a call of a woman barricaded in a trailer. (The woman now faces several charges, including attempted capital murder.) 

“I want people to know I’m glad to be alive,” Scott told 4029tv.com. “I want people to know that God himself kept me alive. I want people to know that I’m glad to go home and lay down with my wife and I’m glad to go home and hug my mom, dad, and my child.”

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Five Exponential regional conferences are planned this fall. These events feature inspiration, equipping labs, national and regional speakers, and dynamic worship. The locations (and dates) include Washington, D.C. (Sept. 12-13); California Bay Area (Oct. 4-5); Southern California (Oct. 6-7); Chicago (Oct. 12-13); and Houston (Oct. 26-27). Learn more at exponential.org.

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A woman who cleans three times a week at a campus of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Ky., was stabbed repeatedly while taking a break outside the church last week. Kalynn Simpson is recovering. A man who was under house arrest for criminal mischief at the time, Oscar Vasquez, has been charged with attempted murder in the random attack. An ankle bracelet Vasquez was wearing helped lead police to arrest him. The attack occurred outside SECC’s Southwest Campus, located at 8301 Saint Andrews Church Road. 

“I’m so grateful for Southwest and their staff and how quick-acting they were when they saw me and for staying with me and comforting me,” Simpson told wlky.com

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Ozark Christian College president Matt Proctor shared a humorous column at occ.edu last week about why he recently wore a helicopter hat during his 8 a.m. preaching class. (The story involves students who live on the third floor of Williamson Hall and a game of tag.)

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Parsippany (N.J.) Christian Church has closed, according to Thomas M. Hart, the church’s preacher, whose family compelled him to retire—over his protests—due to his “advanced age.” The church was averaging about 35 in attendance weekly at the time of closing, and most of those folks are now attending Western Hills Christian Church in Tranquility, N.J., a church started by PCC about a quarter-century ago. Among those members now traveling to WHCC weekly are “the Paradise boys—father and son. The father is in his 90s, and his attendance is a message to all that church is IMPORTANT!” Hart writes.

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