40 Under 40: Chris Travis

07_40_Travis5_JNCHRIS TRAVIS
Pastor and teacher,
Everyday Church,
New York, New York

Chris Travis is a leader people follow. He’s passionate, funny, and insightful—but it goes deeper. It’s not just charisma or image. There’s something deep inside that spills out, and it’s something magnetic to people with an interest in God.

Part of it is genuineness of conviction. When Chris came to Christ as a senior in university, he never looked back. Without the benefit of a church background, he bought a Bible, read it, and acted on it. Reading the New Testament prompted him to seek out a church. His first Sunday in worship, he went to a minister after the service and asked to be baptized. Within months, he was in seminary and had a ministry internship. His personal level of conviction is lived in a way that is inviting, not intimidating.

A gifted preacher and writer, Chris’s teaching is cross-generational. Within a short time of his beginning to preach, veteran Christians twice his age were finding challenge and encouragement in his messages. He is credible to nonbelievers, respected by men, and influential with church leaders.

Chris’s investment in leading a church plant in Manhattan puts him at a center of global influence. It’s early to tell how that will play out, but surely it will be significant.

Dick Alexander, senior minister, LifeSpring Christian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

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