40 Under 40: Daron Earlewine

07_40_Earlewine1-mhDARON EARLEWINE
Pub Theology, 
Indianapolis, Indiana

Daron Earlewine is a remarkable voice in the arena of Christian witness outside the walls of the church. His ministry is called Pub Theology. The very name of his style of gospel presentation is challenging to most all the church people of my age, that being almost 80.

His heart was challenged by observing 20- and 30-year-olds in Bosnia who were seeking fellowship and Jesus in a nonformalized setting. Daron has a fertile mind, a free spirit, and an absolute commitment to preaching the gospel. He is and will continue to have a positive influence on his generation of ministers.

As he reaches souls for Jesus in the venue of the of the local pub, he is influencing churches and ministers who are his peers to think outside the box of the conventional. I have experienced his bold and faithful presentation of the Word in such surroundings. I have met the product of his vision in the form of people who have come to Christ through his outreach and, ultimately, to the local church.

John Samples, senior associate minister, East 91st Street Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

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