40 Under 40: Jodi Hickerson

07_40_Hickerson3-mhJODI HICKERSON
Programming director, 
Mission Church, 
Ventura, California 

I am so grateful to have experienced Jodi’s influence both from the pulpit and around the fire pit in her backyard. Her words, wisdom, and direction have restored, lifted, healed, and literally changed my life.

When Jodi teaches, she commands a room, not because she demands it but because she speaks with grace and humility —whether to a crowd of one or thousands. Jodi has an authentic way of taking the message of the Word of God and making it accessible to people, and her exceptional creativity helps her meet people right where they are.

I have no doubt Jodi’s influence in the coming years will expand, but it won’t be from self-promotion; it will be because she has a story to tell: a story of the grace she has found from a God with whom she has a deep relationship. She tells this story whenever she gets a chance—and she tells it well.

It is a great privilege of my life to know Jodi and have a friendship that runs deep and wide, like family, and I can’t wait to cheer her on as God uses her story to tell about his.

Jen Oakes, outreach director, Mission Church, Ventura, California

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  1. Ted Krueger
    July 7, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Since its beginning i have served and still serve at Mission Church Ventura. Both my wife Patty and I drive one hour from Valencia to Mission church every Sunday because of Jodi and the awesome leadership at Mission church. I can testify with an honest heart that I personally have seen Jodi’s teaching touch very deeply not only into my heart but of all who attend Mission church every Sunday. If there was a way I would place her in the top five in the nation. Her passion is nothing short of awesome. Praise The Lord for leaders like Jodi; we are so blessed to have her with us.

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