40 Under 40: Sean Palmer

07_40_Palmer3-mhSEAN PALMER
Lead minister,
The Vine,
Temple, Texas

Sean Palmer is a preacher and an author. He is an advocate for many great endeavors. He loves Jesus. He loves Jesus’ people. He loves his wife and his two beautiful daughters. And, yes, Sean Palmer is my friend.

But none of that is what makes Sean one of the “40 Leaders Under 40” being profiled here.

No, what makes Sean a man to watch is that he is dangerous. Sean is unafraid to speak the truth. He’ll speak it in love, but he will not pull punches. He is brave and he is strong, and that combination makes him a dangerous change agent of the
highest order.

Sean will encourage you to die—to yourself, your agenda, your flesh. Sean will show you—in both word and deed—a gospel so fierce and so raw you will not see any other way but to plunge headlong into the fray or tap out altogether.

Sean’s work as a preacher and author, as an advocate for adoption and racial reconciliation, as a liaison for the poor—those are not things he does in spite of his calling, they are part and parcel of his calling to lead the church into its next iteration.

John Alan Turner, theologian in residence for Stonecreek Church, Milton, Georgia; global worldview editor for Dew Learning Curriculum; and fellow at the ScreamFree Institute

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