A Conversation with Sean Palmer


2015_Palmer_JNSean Palmer talks about his church, The Vine, in Temple, Texas, and reacts to the predominantly white complexion of the North American Christian Convention. When asked about race relations in America, he answers, “The racial problem is a gospel problem.” In this exclusive interview with Mark A. Taylor, he shares his views on the major obstacle to racial reconciliation in the United States and shares his congregation’s strategy for evangelism: “Spend some time with people who are not like you.”

See the interview here.

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  1. July 7, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    I so appreciated Sean‘s comments, especially about politics & race. I’m glad he didn’t take the line the interviewer handed him & run with it, that the lack of diversity is the fault of white churches. I have been a part of “white churches” for the last 35 years, & I have never met a member who wouldn’t be thrilled with more non-white members.
    Re. politics, I think he’s right that many folks tend to view the Scripture through political lenses. I’m very conservative politically, but it’s discouraging to see my brethren latch on to causes just because they’re hot in some conservative circles, such as defending the ‘honor’ of the Confederate flag, for example. (Yes, there are goofy, extreme ideas in favor of banning that flag as well)
    Thank you for posting the interview.

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