Renegade Preachers
Renegade Preachers

The “Throwback Thursday” online feature from Christian Standard’s archive has been on hiatus for a few months. We hope it was missed. We resume the feature this week with a short item about punishing “renegade preachers” that appeared in our pages exactly 150 years ago today.

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Oct. 22, 1870; p. 3

It will be remembered that one J.H. Davis was dismissed from the Franklin, Ind., Church in May, 1869, and was published for “lying, hypocrisy, and for keeping company with bad men and women generally.” About a year ago he retired to Michigan, and went to preaching again, and was sent up to the recent State Convention as delegate from a small church. The brethren decided to sustain the action of the Franklin Church, by “declining to recognize him as a member of the Convention.” A kind letter was then written to the church that sent him, informing them of his standing in Indiana, and explaining our reasons for the course pursued.

It was then thought best to inform certain churches in Michigan of the character of J.W.C. Covey, and A.B. Edwards, who are still operating as Christian preachers up there. As our religious papers do not circulate much where they circulate, it was decided to use the county papers to give these men an airing. And if they leave for other counties, the State Secretary was instructed to get them into those county papers also. A capital idea. Follow them all round with the county papers, and when they leave for another State, just inform the State Board of it and we will soon get rid of them. In this way [we] can . . . compel respect for the discipline of the Church.

Thomas Munnell

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Jim Nieman, managing editor, Christian Standard

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