Publishing Committee Insights
Publishing Committee Insights

We selected the second—and shorter—editorial from p. 3 of the September 3, 1978, issue to share today.

“Fifteen Gifted Men,” written by Sam E. Stone during his first year as editor, describes the arrangement for editorial oversight that was in place during the 50 or so years Standex International owned Standard Publishing, the former parent company of Christian Standard and The Lookout.

To set the stage: The first edition of Christian Standard was published in April 1866, with Isaac Errett serving as editor. Standard Publishing “grew up around it”—it’s often been said—and was incorporated in 1872. Additional publications were created, including The Young People’s Standard in 1888, which became The Lookout in 1894. Christian books and age-appropriate Sunday school curriculum were produced. Standard Publishing created the first VBS program in 1923, and new versions were produced annually into 2016.

Standard Publishing was very much in its heyday when the Errett family sold the company to John Bolten Sr., a Christian businessman, in 1955. Under Bolten’s leadership, Standard Publishing eventually became part of a multinational corporation known as Standex International.

Establishing a publishing committee was an effort to protect and preserve Standard Publishing’s mission to nondenominational Christian churches and churches of Christ under “outside” ownership.

—Jim Nieman, Managing Editor, Christian Standard

_ _ _

(From September 3, 1978)

Fifteen Gifted Men

Across the page [see below] are listed the names of fifteen outstanding Christian leaders who compose the Publishing Committee.

 This too-little-known and too-often-unappreciated group performs a vital service for those committed to the restoration of New Testament Christianity.

 The committee came into being at the National Christian Education Convention in August of 1956. Eight of the original 15 men are still serving on the committee; Hugh F. Sensibaugh has ministered faithfully as chairman from its inception.

Appointments of editorial personnel at the policy level are made only with the approval of these leaders. The entire editorial operation of Standard Publishing is reviewed by the group in its annual meeting, with periodic updates provided by Vice President and Publisher Ralph M. Small throughout the year.

The owners of Standex International—the parent body of Standard Publishing—have given assurance that their only instruction to the editorial staff is that the materials they produce be true to the Bible, consistent with the historic policy of the company, and devoted to the restoration of New Testament Christianity.

The men who comprise the publishing committee stand as brotherhood representatives to insure constant adherence to these worthy goals. For this, we owe them a debt of gratitude. The committee members serve without pay and at personal sacrifice of time and labor, including travel from various parts of the country. Be in prayer for them as they will meet in Cincinnati again on October 24-25.

Former editor Edwin V. Hayden described these “fifteen good men” well when he wrote:

They share in the formulation of Standard policies and plans, and thus indirectly they serve every church, school, and person receiving and using materials from Standard Publishing. Their integrity as Christian ministers, educated, committed, and experienced in the life of the restoration movement, provides assurance (if such assurance were needed) that the literature published by Standard expresses and will continue to express the convictions of undenominational New Testament Christianity (“The Editor’s Elders,” CHRISTIAN STANDARD, November 26, 1960, p. 2).

_ _ _

Publishing Committee

(Established 1956 by the National Christian Education Convention for liaison with the management and editorial department of Standard Publishing.)

Hugh F. Sensibaugh, Cincinnati, Ohio, Chairman

Thomas W. Overton, Huntington Beach, California, Secretary

William S. Boice, Phoenix, Arizona

Ernest H. Chamberlain, Boise, Idaho

Richard Crabtree, Canton, Ohio

Joseph H. Dampier, Milligan College, Tennessee

James W. Dyer, Atlanta, Georgia

Olin W. Hay, East Point, Georgia

Ard Hoven, Grayson, Kentucky

Bruce E. Miller, Rochester, Minnesota

Harold W. Scott, Columbus, Ohio

Robert C. Shannon, Largo, Florida

Alva Sizemore, Columbus, Ohio

Floyd Strater, Anaheim, California

Robert O. Weaver, East Point, Georgia

_ _ _

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