Quality First

By Gayla Congdon

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

Gayla Congdon
Gayla Congdon

Some of our best advice came from the late, great Mike Yaconelli (Scott and I received this advice from him when he was a member of the Amor Ministries board): “Focus on quality and quantity will come.” 

Mike’s advice was based on his belief we were measuring our effectiveness based on the number of participants coming on trips. We took his advice and shifted our mind-set to creating a quality mission trip that was relationship-based versus numbers-based. The result was that growth came in significant numbers. 

Mike deserves a great deal of credit for Amor’s 34 years of commitment to quality that have seen more than 330,000 people participate in mission trips. Thank you, Mike!

Gayla Congdon is founder of Amor Ministries.

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