Suffering All Around
Dusty Rubeck
Dusty Rubeck

By Dusty Rubeck

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

About 15 years ago a wise older man on one of my boards told me, “Dusty, never underestimate the level of human suffering that exists in our world.” Then he repeated it. Again and again and again and again. 

Obviously, he could see this young leader wasn’t getting it. Now I do. Don, wherever you are, “Thank you.” I wish I’d listened more carefully back then. I see it now. You cannot turn in any direction without running into people who are suffering unimaginable pain (physical, emotional, and spiritual). And, of course, they are doing their best to cope with it and to hide it. 

When God opens our eyes to see the pain, our hearts are broken. May he do so again and again. And may he forgive me for the suffering I have ignored and caused.

Dusty Rubeck is outgoing president of Dallas (Texas) Christian College, and incoming president of Church Development Fund, Irvine, California

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