Their Prison, My Freedom
Dick Alexander
Dick Alexander

By Dick Alexander

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

I was in the middle of a long period of what seemed like relentless attack from people in a church I served, when a friend advised me my critics were not the enemy, but prisoners of the enemy. It set me free—free from we-they polarization. Free from choosing sides. Free to see them with compassion. The harshest critics were prisoners. In general, they didn’t enjoy life. They were prisoners of bitterness, anger, and unresolved past hurts. His advice, the best advice I’ve received, set me free to pray with kindness toward them—free to love them, free to pastor them, free to serve them. Free to hear some truths in what they said. 

Dick Alexander serves as international consultant with  CMF International.

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