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By Mark A. Taylor

Have you listened to our monthly online interview program, Beyond the Standard? If not, you’re missing another storehouse of information and help, free from the offices of CHRISTIAN STANDARD.

HeartShaperLogo-VectorEach month we offer a new interview, and almost every episode is archived for you to hear and share whenever it would help. Almost two years of these hour-long programs are available.

Just go to First you’ll see an announcement of upcoming broadcasts. For example, later this month we’ll be interviewing noted expert Dr. Mark Laaser for a program titled “Solving Compulsive Sexual Behaviors.” Listen live, February 27, 11 a.m. Eastern.

But each month’s new program is just the beginning. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our “On-Demand Episodes” It’s a long list!

Healthy Church—Nate Bush, Jeff Faull, Joe Putting

Good News for the Poor—Becky Ahlberg, Chris Smith, Aaron Wymer

How Are We Doing with Missions?—Reggie Hundley, Doug Lucas, Tony Twist

IN the Culture, FOR the Culture—Joe Boyd, Rich Gorman

How We’re Changing Our City—Glen Elliott, David Drum

Christian Colleges, the Challenges and the Opportunities—D. Clay Perkins, Michael Sweeney, Jon Weatherly

“Ministry Today” with Eddie Lowen—Eddie Lowen

Apologetics Is Different Now—Ben Cachiaras, Richard Knopp, Casey Tygrett

Megachurches, Mega Ministry—Dave Stone, Don Wilson, Jud Wilhite

How We Worship, Why We Pray—David Butts, Ken Read

Not the Only Christians—Paul Blowers, Rick Grover, Bob Russell

Teaching the Bible in a Biblically Ignorant Age—James Estep, Teresa Welch

Satisfaction for Sale—Ryan Connor, Jay Link, Janet McMahon

Problems and Opportunities in Cross-Cultural Missions—Gayla Congdon, Michael Sweeney, Doug Priest

Reaching the City, Serving the City—Vince Antonucci, Kevin Haah, Tammy Melchien

Church Planting: the Small Church/Megachurch Stand-off—Aaron Brockett, Steve Wyatt

What About Marriage?—Arron Chambers, Randy Gariss, Jim Street

An Hour with Roy Lawson—LeRoy Lawson

Why Missional Matters—Jon Ferguson, Greg Nettle, Jon Weece

Integrity in a Shifting Culture—Tim Harlow, Brian Mavis, George Ross

Let us know which of these programs has helped you the most and which Christian Standard writers you’d like to hear us interview. Beyond the Standard will continue as long as you are listening!

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