Getting Ready for Easter: Northside Christian Church, Yorktown, VA

Focusing on Friday

By Shawn Cartwright, worship arts pastor, Northside Christian Church, Yorktown, Virginia

03_JJ_Easter_Cartwright_JNFrom my perspective, an investment in Good Friday needs as much attention as Easter worship services or special productions. After all, you don’t have the resurrection without the cross.

There are two specific services we’ve done that have been especially meaningful for two churches I’ve served.

The first is “Song Stories Victory.” The premise of a “Song Stories” event is emphasizing the stories that songs tell and the stories behind why they were written, as well as how their stories impact our lives. One year we did a Christmas-themed program; another year we did such a service on Good Friday night. It was a night of worship—more “ramped up” than a traditional Good Friday service—focusing on the victory found in the cross of Christ.

Another such service was called “The Upper Room,” which we did two years ago here at Northside. It was a very deep and interactive Communion experience. We sat around tables, sang songs, and read Scripture as well as a script that guided people through Communion and elements of the Passover.

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