March Madness and More

By Michael C. Mack

Here are five ministry ideas you can use this March to reach out to your community. These can be accomplished in small groups, Sunday school classes, teams, or by the whole church.

03_BP_march_madness_JN• March Forth Day: March 4 is “Do Something Day!” Plan a serving event to march forth into your community with the good news!

• March Ministry Madness: This is a ministry fair with a basketball theme. Imagine people together in one room, sitting at round tables, eating and talking, dreaming and planning, developing ministry ideas, creating groups and teams and task forces.

• March Gladness: Scripture encourages us to “rejoice and be glad,” even in the midst of trials (1 Chronicles 16:31; Psalm 5:11 [and numerous other psalms]; Matthew 5:12; 1 Peter 1:6; 4:13; Revelation 19:7). Throughout March, study some of these passages together and focus on how you can rejoice and be glad.

• Sports Clinic: Ask athletes and coaches from local professional, college, or high school teams to provide a sports clinic for local kids on your church campus or at a nearby park. Ask them to teach some specific skills and then, if they are Christians, they can talk about how their faith plays a vital role in their lives.

• Drink Giveaways: Provide free water bottles or sports drinks to athletes and fans at games or practices. You might coordinate this with a local baseball or soccer league, for instance, to provide drinks during games or in place of the postgame snack that is normally delegated to parents. Use this as an opportunity not only to serve families in your community, but to develop relationships with them as well.

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