How Healthy Is Your Team, Really?

05_BP_hands_JNHow healthy is your elder, staff, or ministry team? “Healthy organizations engage in honest conversations,” says David Staal, president of Kids Hope USA. “This requires leaders who are willing to encourage discussions about topics that can cause a culture to capsize if ignored too long.” Stall suggests engaging your team in a discussion around the following if-then statements. While each of these may at first seem like ridiculous statements, discuss whether they are at all true on your team, in your group, or in your organization. Tailor each of these to your team or situation.

• If someone is an employee (or volunteer), then it’s OK to judge him or her.

• If you participate in a meeting that includes discussion about staff, then it’s OK to gossip.

• If it will help accomplish a kingdom purpose, then it’s OK to stretch the truth.

• If another area’s budget increases without good reason, then it’s OK to covet.

• If you plan to use it for God’s glory, then it’s OK to use what isn’t yours.

• If another organization or church competes with you, is different from you, or for some reason just irks you, then it’s OK not to consider them a neighbor.

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