Five Ways Staff Members Can Work with the Senior Minister

By Michael C. Mack

Bob Russell spoke at a regional gathering of small group ministers held in Louisville in 2009 about how staff ministers can work more effectively with their senior ministers.

04_BP_5Ways_JN1. Find ways to communicate with him, especially when working through an edgy or controversial topic or situation. Be sure to run actions by him first. There’s value in many counselors. You can gain his trust by seeking his advice. Maintain harmony. Regularly communicate with him about your plans, problems, and victories. Be ready to admit your mistakes when you make them. If you sense a distancing between the two of you, move toward him.

2. Overlook his flaws. Remember you’re working with an imperfect person.

3. Be disciplined with work hours, and every other area of personal and workplace ethics. Integrity is vital. Also, keep reading books, going to seminars, and otherwise investing into your leadership development. Keep growing!

4. Be an encourager. Be one of his biggest boosters. Be sure to initiate: write a note of encouragement or appreciation, for instance. Ask, “How can I pray for you?”

5. Be submissive. Spiritual leadership is based on a structure of authority. Christ is the head of his church, and he has placed the senior minister in his position (Ephesians 4:11-16).

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