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The Best Sermon I”ve Ever Heard (11)

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By Arron Chambers

In this edition of “The Best Sermon I”ve Ever Heard,” we are showcasing the opinions of students at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri. 

Drake Holderman 

Drake Holderman is a senior studying student ministry at Ozark Christian College. He is working part-time on the student ministry team at First Church, a multisite church in northeast Oklahoma. Drake is married to Andrea, who has an associate”s degree from Ozark and is pursuing a degree in elementary education at Missouri Southern State University.

Drake”s Best Sermon: Here is the best sermon (in seven parts) I”ve heard on God”s grace by Judah Smith, pastor of The City Church in Seattle, Washington.

Find Part 1 at bit.ly/1SwILmq, along with links to each of the remaining seven parts.

Why Drake likes this sermon: “Judah Smith does a phenomenal job of capturing the affective tone of grace without manipulating the emotions of the students he is preaching to. Judah shows that grace is more than a concept we read about in the Bible or an idea we talk about in church. As he put it, “˜Jesus is the personification of grace.””

05_BEST_May_JN2Kelvin Maina

Kelvin Maina was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to Memphis, Tennessee, in 2005 when he was 12 years old. He has served as a co-youth minister at Hornet Christian Church, Seneca, Missouri, and now serves with College Heights Christian Church in Joplin while finishing his last semester at Ozark. He will graduate with a bachelor”s degree in Christian ministry with a preaching emphasis.

Kelvin”s Best Sermon: The best sermon on walking with the Spirit is by A.W. Tozer titled “How to Cultivate the Holy Spirit”s Companionship” (accessible at bit.ly/21ToJIF).

Why Kelvin likes this sermon: “I like this sermon because Tozer accurately depicts the Holy Spirit”s role as making a person holy and contrasts it with why most people want the Holy Spirit””for power, thrill, fame, or ability to accomplish a task. I also like that he acknowledges there is a price to pay and a way we must live to cultivate the Holy Spirit”s companionship.

“It is refreshing to hear a sermon that focuses on the Holy Spirit”s main purpose, which is to make man holy. For without him and the holiness that he gives us, we could not interact with the Father as intimately as we can now.”

Justin Dewell 

Justin Dewell, a native of Dodge City, Kansas, is finishing his studies of the New Testament and church planting. Justin received the nickname “Pastor” Dewell at College Heights Christian Church, where he helps teach and preach as a college-age intern. Justin usually can be found drinking a Dr. Pepper while he helps grade assignments for the preaching faculty or hanging with other college students.

Justin”s Best Sermon: The best sermon I”ve heard on suffering is “Why Would God Allow Tragedy and Suffering” by Dave Smith, available at bit.ly/1Yo55iv.

Why Justin likes this sermon: “This is the best sermon on suffering because Dave Smith does not try to boil down this issue to one simple answer. Instead, he points to knowing God as the way we make it through suffering. The suffering we hate and resist is how God refines our relationship with him. This sermon transformed the way I recognize God shaping my life.”

Luke Proctor

Luke Proctor is a typical preacher”s kid. He grew up working on his grandpa”s farm and spending lots of time on the campus of Ozark Christian College with his father. He is now in his fourth year at Ozark, where he is majoring in preaching and New Testament studies. He currently serves as preaching minister at Sheldon (Missouri) Christian Church, near where he spent his summers on the farm. In January, Luke married the girl of his dreams, Rebekah Moyers. Together they look forward to a life of service to the kingdom in the local church.

Luke”s Best Sermon: The best sermon is “Living in the Justice of God” by John Kehrer, a professor of Old Testament and biblical languages at Ozark. Watch the sermon at https://youtu.be/X8h8F2EI_Z0.

Why Luke likes this sermon: “I was privileged to sit under John Kehrer during his first semester teaching at OCC, after he moved his young family back from the Middle East. In this sermon, John discusses his personal experiences with the sovereign justice of God as he explores an uncomfortable text in 2 Kings. John shows us a glimpse of the kingdom of God as God unveils his power, and he challenges us to live out the kingdom of God by leaving justice in the hands of the Lord.”

Arron Chambers, a CHRISTIAN STANDARD contributing editor, serves as lead minister with Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado.


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