10 Reasons to Attend the Global Gathering in New Delhi Next January

By Mark A. Taylor

As I’m reflecting on the soul-refreshing experience of last week’s North American Christian Convention in Anaheim, California, I’m filled with anticipation for another similar opportunity.

Similar, because it promises rich fellowship and unique worship with committed believers. Similar, because it offers the chance to learn from Christian leaders extending the gospel in ways I may not have considered.

July19_WC_logo_JNBut the convention I’m anticipating is different in many special ways from the NACC just finished. This month I’m encouraging Christians from across America to go with me to the 19th Global Gathering of the World Convention January 12-15 in New Delhi, India.

Why attend this remarkable gathering? Here are my top 10 reasons for readers to consider this trip. By attending this Global Gathering, you will . . .

  1. Feel the energy and see the commitment of Christians from other lands, many of them living for Christ in spite of persecution.
  2. Experience worship like you may never have known as thousands of Christians from across India praise the Lord together.
  3. Enjoy the adventure of sights, sounds, and tastes in a country very different from ours, but in a city much like many we know.
  4. Take a stand for unity by worshipping with and learning from believers both inside and outside our “stream” of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.
  5. Be inspired to hear Christian leaders from around the world, including Denford Chizanga, Andrzej Bajenski, Nangsar Sarip Morse, Jeff Fife, Usha Rees, and others, all of them addressing the theme “God Tears Down Walls to Build Bridges.”
  6. Travel with other Christians in a fully escorted tour providing all your needs for transportation and dining.
  7. Visit the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and enjoy an escorted tour of other sites in and around New Delhi.
  8. Support Ajai Lall, president of this Global Gathering, who is working to involve and include as many Indian and worldwide Christians as possible.
  9. Make lifelong friends with Christians from other parts of God’s world, receiving their gifts and sharing your own.
  10. Savor a foretaste of the day when, as Gary Holloway has put it, “an uncountable number from every nation, tribe, and language gather around the throne of God in praise.”

I know the thought of traveling to India may seem a little daunting to some folks. That’s why I’m working with the folks at Educational Opportunities to arrange a tour that will handle all the details. Your trip will be comfortable and well-planned. You will not be on your own in a strange place, but escorted by professionals who will see that your experience is wonderful.

You can learn more about the Global Gathering by visiting its website.

You can get details and download a brochure describing the tour I’ve mentioned at the Educational Opportunities website.

And when you’ve returned from this trip of a lifetime, I’m guessing you’ll have at least 10 reasons you’re glad you went, maybe even 10 more than the ones I’ve mentioned!

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