Icebreaker Questions for Your First Small Group Meeting

By Michael C. Mack

Many new small groups and classes are beginning this time of year. Jim Egli, author, along with Vicki and Melissa Egli, of 333 Amazing Icebreaker Questions, says when he launches a new group, he likes to ask seven questions that also cast vision and outline expectations for the group:

10_BP_Icebreaker_JN• Where did you go to school for the first grade?

• Whom were you closest to when you were 10 years old?

• What is something you are very good at?

• When did God become more than a word to you?

• Besides your coming to Christ, what have been two very formative events in your life?

• What was one of the most important events in your life last year?

• What is something you are looking forward to over the next year?

The first four are based on the Quaker questions. They begin with questions from the distant past that are easy to answer but reveal something about the person. They build up to deeper and more personal questions. Egli ( uses the last three in leadership-training groups to guide people to share their history with one another, and then let them tell one another about recent events and current anticipations.

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