The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Heard (14)

By Arron Chambers

Christian leaders, some of them preachers themselves, tell us about a sermon they can’t forget—and maybe you won’t either.

Dane Voorhees

Dane Voorhees is a graduate of Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri. He has been serving as a worship pastor at Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Frederick, Colorado, for the past two years and recently married his beautiful wife, Shelby. He is passionate about leading people to worship Jesus in everything they do.

08_BestPreaching_JNDane’s Best Sermon: Caleb Kaltenbach, lead pastor at Discovery Church in Simi Valley, California, and author of the book Messy Grace, preached the best sermon I’ve heard on living in the tension of grace and truth. In this sermon, Caleb shares his story of being raised in the LGBT community by his parents, and teaches how to love others well while staying true to biblical teaching. The sermon is available at

Why Dane likes this sermon: “Caleb encourages the church to step outside of what is comfortable and to love people the way Jesus did. Whether I want to admit it or not, this is something I’m not always best at, and loving people well is what Jesus was all about in the Gospels! This is a challenging sermon filled with practical implications for the church in today’s culture.”

Dave Milam

Dave Milam is a gifted leader, communicator, author, and lead pastor of One Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is also creative director for Eggroll Studio and recently released the book Ten Count.

Dave’s Best Sermon: The best sermon on suffering I’ve ever heard was a five-minute message by Matt Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas. This was the short video he created right before surgery to remove a cancerous mass from his brain. Watch it at

Why Dave likes this sermon: “Matt’s vulnerability still moves me. Knowing that his words are more than just hype underscores the power of his message and inspires me to more fully trust God with the struggles of my life. I’m moved when I hear someone living out what they preach, and Matt completely nailed it.”

Bud Johnson

Bud Johnson died to sin and is alive in Christ. A blessed man, with a tremendous family, Bud serves Liberty Christian Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia. He also serves on the board of directors at Liberty Christian School.

Bud’s Best Sermon: The best sermon explaining the potential you have in Christ, is by Mark Miller of Christ’s Church in Missoula, Montana. Titled “The Mechanics of Renewing the Mind,” Mark breaks down the process a disciple must take if he truly wants to walk according to the Spirit. Listen to the sermon at

Why Bud likes this sermon: “Paul wasn’t being braggadocios when he said, ‘Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.’ God has given his people everything pertaining to life and godliness, yet many still feel shackled by defeat, sin, and death. Preparing to live a life like Paul, like Christ, starts with the honest and proper understanding of who God is willing to change you from, and into. Renewing your mind. This sermon explains how you can truly leave the old self and put on the new self.”

Wendy Childress

Wendy Childress grew up crawling between pews on Sundays as a preacher’s daughter. She gave her heart to Jesus when she was 4 and he’s kept it ever since. She enjoys leading women’s groups and speaking encouragement from God’s Word at workshops and retreats. She is currently working on her first book, slated for release later this year. Wendy has been married to Josh Childress, senior minister of Kempsville Christian Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for 17 years. Together they are blessed to raise Caleb, Tannah, and Isaac for God’s glory.

Wendy’s Best Sermon: The best sermon, “Honoring Mothers” by Josh Childress, senior minister of Kempsville Christian Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia, is “for mamas in the midst of the battle.” View it at

Why Wendy likes this sermon: “In our current culture, in which criticism seems to be the mother tongue, we are called to be different. This message is a cool drink of encouragement for weary mamas. Josh reminds mothers of their sacred calling and the holy help that is available at all times.”

Arron Chambers, a CHRISTIAN STANDARD contributing editor, serves as lead minister with Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado.

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