Retiree Helping Lead Fight Against Child Exploitation

By Jennifer Johnson

“I can’t tell you I went willingly,” Opal Singleton says. “I was retired and didn’t want to get involved. But God arranged the whole thing.”

Million Kids began in 2008 to support the work of Rapha House, a nonprofit organization that works to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

An advertisement for Opal Singleton’s new radio show, Exploited! Crimes Against Humanity.
An advertisement for Opal Singleton’s new radio show, “Exploited! Crimes Against Humanity.”

“At the time, Rapha House focused on Cambodia, Thailand, and Haiti, but I began to see more and more trafficking here at home in Southern California,” Singleton says. “In 2010, local law enforcement asked me to be a training coordinator, so I began writing curriculum about human trafficking for school officials, churches, and government agencies.”

Today, Million Kids works both domestically and internationally to provide training, develop programs, and partner with individuals, businesses, and communities. The “Million Kids—Missing Kids” program supports the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, using social media to reach 50,000 people within four hours when a child goes missing.

Singleton has also written several books, including Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers, and created several presentations to train parents, teachers, school administrators, church leaders, and teens.

Her newest project is a global radio show called Exploited! Crimes Against Humanity that began May 26 on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel; it is broadcast to 127 countries.

“The show includes case analysis with law enforcement and first responders, information on new technology and apps that predators use, and information on what’s happening around the world,” she says. “Churches want to know more about how they can help families and fight trafficking, and now they can link to the show, archive it on their websites as a resource for their people, and even share it with missionaries.”

The show also includes
live Q&A from callers, and Singleton hopes people will write or call from around the world with information about what’s happening in the global fight against trafficking.

“This was God’s idea, not mine,” she says. “I’m amazed by what he’s done.”

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