2016’s Best Websites for Small Group Leadership

12_bp_leader_jnThese eight websites are divided into two categories: ministry organizations and individual bloggers.

Ministry Organizations

SmallGroups.com (www.SmallGroups.com)
This ministry was founded by Michael C. Mack in 1995 and is now owned and operated by Christianity Today. The site is the starting place for small group and ministry leaders, and it’s easy to navigate and use. Much of the content is free, and the site also has premium content at low prices. Individual and church subscriptions are also available.

Small Group Network (www.smallgroupnetwork.com)
This truly is a network of small group point leaders from around the world who provide one another with encouragement and support. One of the key ways this network works is through local huddles of point leaders to share ideas resources and build relationships. The site also provides a blog written by various members of the SGN team, a small group ministry job board, and a schedule of Small Group Network events.

Small Group Churches (www.smallgroupchurches.com)
The site includes relevant articles and a blog, but the two best things about this site are the videos and the forum. The forum makes this site unique and very useful for leaders looking for answers to small group questions.

Joel Comiskey Group (www.joelcomiskeygroup.com)
Cell-church authority Joel Comiskey leads this ministry dedicated to “helping complete the Great Commission in this century by providing resources and coaching to plant new cell churches and transition existing churches to cell-based ministry.”


Individuals and Bloggers

Allen White’s Blog (www.allenwhite.org)
White has been involved in small group ministry for more than 25 years in churches and as a coach/consultant working with churches. The site’s tagline says it all: “Taking the Guesswork Out of Groups.” The blog posts are excellent and are geared mostly toward small group ministry leaders.

Jim Egli (www.jimegli.com)
Egli is leadership pastor at Vineyard Church in Urbana, Il., and has written several excellent books on small group leadership. Besides the blog, you’ll find lots of great small group, discipleship, and multisite resources. One of the best resources is the Small Group Icebreakers, categorized into light, moderate, or deep.

Scott Boren—The Relational Mission (www.scottboren.blogspot.com)
Boren is a minister and the author of a plethora of books on groups, all worth reading. He blogs on the topics of books and often includes adaptations from them. He specializes in discussing how to develop missional groups.

Mark Howell (www.markhowelllive.com and www.smallgroupresources.net)
Howell is a prolific blogger and pastor of communities at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has more than 25 years of small group ministry experience in several churches and as a consultant and coach.

—See more about these and other small group sites at Small Group Leadership, http://smallgroupleadership.com/2016/04/top-10-websites-for-small-group-leaders.

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