The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Heard (21)

By Arron Chambers

These Christian leaders tell about sermons you might like to hear too.


David Springer
David Springer grew up as a preacher’s kid in Mount Vernon, Ohio, with his four siblings and parents, Ken and Mel Springer. He graduated from Johnson University, Knoxville, Tennessee, in 2011. He met his wife, Brittany, their freshman year at Johnson. He serves as associate minister for youth with Northside Christian Church in Georgetown, Kentucky. Brittany and David have two children, Lyla and Landry.

David’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I have ever heard for youth was by Jeff Walling, director of the Youth Leadership Initiative at Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. The sermon can be viewed on YouTube via this link,

Why David likes this sermon: “Walling preached this sermon to nearly 5,000 students at the Tennessee Christian Teen Convention in Gatlinburg. Walling’s ability to grab the attention of every one of the students was incredible. His stories, humor, and biblical teaching came together for a sermon my students and I will not forget. My favorite part was watching my students respond to his challenge. As a youth minister, I find nothing more exciting than seeing young people make a decision to follow the Lord.”

Stanley N. Helton
Stanley N. Helton became a Christian some years after a woman invited Stan and his brother to a VBS at the Church of Christ in the small Oklahoma town where they grew up. Stan now serves as president of Alberta Bible College in Calgary. He is married to Patricia Aguilar Helton, and they have one married daughter, Rachel.

Stan’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve heard on discipleship is by Randy Harris, instructor of Bible in the College of Biblical Studies, Abilene (Texas) Christian University. You can watch the sermon at https://youtube/yEOi4LY4hfs.

Why Stan likes this sermon: “This sermon challenges the North American church to respond to the gospel of Jesus.”

[Note: Randy Harris will be keynote speaker at Alberta Bible College’s Summit, May 8–10. For more information, see].

Scott Smith
Scott Smith is a full-time online student at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, and plans to graduate this May with a bachelor’s degree in biblical and theological studies. He plans to serve in a church where God calls him and his wife. Scott was called to the ministry five years ago. He currently serves as a neighborhood leader, drummer, and leader at Westside Christian Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He looks forward to the challenges of ministry and the walk that God has in store for him.

Scott’s Best Sermon: “God’s Will vs. Your Will” by Chad Walters at Westside Christian Church is one of the best sermons on God’s will that I have heard. Listen to it at

Why Scott likes this sermon: “Chad uses a lot of personal interaction and personal stories to help people understand that it doesn’t matter what God’s will is for their life. It only matters that he has a will for their life. He makes sure that people understand if God is not with them, then it’s pointless to worry about God’s will for their life . . . because they don’t have a personal relationship with God.”

Brian Jennings
Brian Jennings and his wife, Beth, live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with their four children. Brian preaches at Highland Park Christian Church and serves on the board of Blackbox International. He’s a regular contributor to Christian Standard and The Lookout magazines. You can purchase his book, Lead Your Family, and read his blog at

Brian’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve heard on life and death is from Dr. E. V. Hill at his wife’s funeral. It’s about 20 minutes of pure gold. The sermon is on YouTube in two parts: and

Why Brian likes this sermon: “It’s emotional, bound to the text (Job 1:21), oozing with practical application, funny, and respectful of the situation. I have my preaching mentorship students listen to it and outline it on day two of our time together.”

Arron Chambers, a CHRISTIAN STANDARD contributing editor, serves as lead minister with Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado.


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