The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Heard (22)

By Arron Chambers

Christian leaders, some of them preachers themselves, tell us about a sermon they can’t forget—and maybe you won’t either.

Tim Sutherland
Tim Sutherland is a third-generation Christian church minister. (His father, Joe, taught at Emmanuel School of Religion, Johnson City, Tennessee, for many years and his grandfather graduated from Johnson Bible College—now Johnson University—in 1921.) He was baptized at Greenwood Christian Church in Canton, Ohio, in 1970. Tim was a teaching team leader for many years at Community Christian Church, Naperville, Illinois, and is currently president and CEO of Sutherland Strategic Staffing, a pre-employment assessment service. He is also a licensed marriage and family therapist in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Tim’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve heard on Christmas is by Jack Hayford, former minister of Church on the Way of Van Nuys, California. The sermon, “I Wish You a ‘Mary’ Christmas,” can be purchased at

Why Tim likes this sermon: “This sermon draws an incredibly striking parallel between the physical reality of the incarnation and the spiritual reality of becoming a Christian. It’s a brilliant, unique insight into the very familiar Christmas story that makes for a very different, very powerful Christmas sermon.”

James McMillion
After hitting rock bottom in life, James McMillion came to Christ with the help of two godly men who boldly preached God’s Word. James has committed his life to helping others through preaching and teaching. He serves as senior pastor of the Petersburg (Illinois) Church of Christ and is pursuing a doctor of ministry in preaching at Lincoln Christian University. His partner in life and ministry is Beth, and they have two beautiful children.

James’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve ever heard on money and happiness was preached by Nate Ross, associate pastor (soon to be lead pastor) of Northside Christian Church in New Albany, Indiana. You can view the sermon at

Why James likes the sermon: “Nate exposes the familiar lie that money can somehow bring happiness. He uses humor and real life experience to get to the root of the issue: our values, view of money, and submission to God. He also offers some practical guidance on how we can honor God with the resources he has entrusted to us and the joy and freedom that can come as a result.”

Alan Tison
Alan Tison served for 30 years as both an associate minister and a senior minister, and now serves as director of advancement at Johnson University Florida. In his role, Alan has opportunities to hear messages from preachers all over the state of Florida.

Alan’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I have heard on Heaven is “Living the High Life” by John Hampton, lead minister with Journey Christian Church (Apopka, Florida). You can view this sermon at

Why Alan likes this sermon: “This message was so meaningful to me because in May 2016, I lost my wife, Kathy, to a battle with cancer. John’s message from Revelation 21:1-5 was a great encouragement and reminder of the overcoming power of God.

Jonathon Dawson
Jonathon Dawson grew up going to many different churches, but in high school he attended Gateway Christian Church in Mount Sterling, Kentucky, where he started dating the preacher’s daughter. Jonathon worked at Toyota Motor Manufacturing for almost 13 years before attending Louisville Bible College. After graduation, he accepted a call to Snellville Christian Church in metro Atlanta. Jonathon and his wife of 23 years, Carrie, have three children: Chase, Emy, and Canah.

Jonathon’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve heard on race relations and law enforcement is by Kelly Carmichael, preaching minister with First Christian Church, Baldwyn, Mississippi. The sermon is available at

Why Jonathon likes this sermon: “This sermon was incredibly powerful for two reasons: (1) it was delivered the weekend after the shootings of the Dallas police officers in July [2016] when tensions were very high, and (2) Kelly has experience in law enforcement, so he was able to give a very unique and compelling perspective.”

Arron Chambers, a CHRISTIAN STANDARD contributing editor, serves as lead minister with Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado.

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