Ministering to Moms on Mother’s Day

By Michael C. Mack

Mother’s Day, and the weeks surrounding it, is a prime time to minister to the needs of moms in the community. Here are six ideas you can use:

• Teen Moms: Partner with a local teen or crisis pregnancy center to provide basic necessities such as nursing and newborn supplies, a rose, and a signed Mother’s Day card.

• Refugee Families: Contact a local organization that serves refugees to discover their needs, especially for moms in these families. Assemble care packages of gift certificates, groceries, and housewares, for instance, as well as a Bible and Mother’s Day card.

• Young Moms: Work together with a nearby day care center (or your church’s day care ministry) to send home a small care package and card of encouragement. Include gift cards for personal care or other niceties.

• Single Moms: Women who are part of a small group or class can team up with groups for single (or any) moms, to offer occasional free childcare, help with grocery shopping, or just to meet for lunch or over coffee to chat and enjoy some girl time.

• Military Moms: Start a support group for military families. These families often live far from other family members; if so, small groups or classes can “adopt” them to help provide support, encouragement, and care.

• Moms Who Want to Serve: Develop ministries with moms in mind. Ideas: Provide childcare close to the place of service. Keep serving times short. Make serving opportunities fun and relational. Get moms involved in serving other moms!

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