Christian Standard Media Purchases Christian Church Today
Christian Standard Media Purchases Christian Church Today

Christian Standard Media has purchased the assets of Christian Church Today, including its online database of Christian churches and Christian ministries, and plans to make them available to readers of Christian Standard and The Lookout.

“Our intention is to create a digital list that will form a vital communication link in our church network locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally by providing connections and links to email, websites, and social media,” said Christian Standard Media Publisher Jerry Harris.
“The database has more than 9,000 churches and organizations that we are presently and painstakingly bringing up to date,” Harris said.

“We plan to migrate this database to our Christian Standard Media website ( and make it available at no charge to those who have purchased a subscription to either Christian Standard or The Lookout,” Harris said. The database will be available beginning sometime in July, though updates may still be occurring.

This database will serve as a communication tool for churches and related organizations to share local and regional events, to network resources and ideas, and to aid in relationship building.

“The church and media database will be a key part of a central hub to all of our communications: our magazines, apps, newsletters, and our other published products,” Harris said.

The mission at Christian Standard Media is “to leverage the power that comes from our unity . . . ,” Harris said. In order to accomplish that, we need know who “we” are.

“One of our greatest challenges as a movement flows out of one of our greatest strengths—autonomy—but the challenges associated with autonomy can be disconnection and isolation,” Harris said. “The reason we purchased Christian Church Today is to address that challenge.”

“This comprehensive, up-to-date, digital database will serve to help network all those churches and organizations that identify with independent Christian churches and churches of Christ.”

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