Congratulations Compass Christian Church!

By Mark A. Taylor

The votes are in, each round of balloting has finished, and the winner in our first-ever Church Branding Competition has been named.

Congratulations to Compass Christian Church whose logo rose to the top and garnered the most votes in each of four face-offs.

The competition began the week of April 19 with 16 church logos (see list below). Eight were eliminated the first week, and four more the second week, leaving the top four vote-getters. The third round of voting determined the final match-up: Parkway Christian Church (Surprise, Arizona; see below) vs. Compass Christian (a multisite congregation with campuses in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area).

If you missed the competition, you can still see the substance behind the fun. Kent Fillinger, who, with Ben Simms put together this year’s special double megachurch issue (April 19/26), wrote “The Value of a Brand” for our Web site.



While you’re visiting our Web site, notice the downloadable 2008 Megachurch Report Deluxe Edition available there. (Or search for item number D1047 at This year’s report, bigger than ever with more helpful and interesting data, expands on the material in our megachurch issue this year.

Special features include “The Top 50 Outreach Ideas from Megachurches,” “Multisite Insights,” and “Complete Survey Statistical Data,” including charts and graphs showing trends, growth rates, and baptism and giving information.

The download is available for only $29.99.

A multiple copy version (share it with all your staff and elders) is only $79.99. This is information you can’t get anywhere else, and we’re pleased to be able to share it.



Visit the Web sites of every congregation in our Church Branding Competition to see if you agree with the voters’ choice!

Christ’s Church of the Valley (CA) —

Parkway Christian Church —

Canyon Ridge Christian Church —

Overlake Christian Church —

Connection Pointe Christian Church —

Parkview Christian Church —

Community Christian Church (IL)  —

Crossroads Christian Church (KY) —

New Life Christian Church —

Owensboro Christian Church -—

First Christian Church of Florissant —

Compass Christian Church —

Central Christian Church (NV) —

Northern Hills Christian Church —

New Hope Church —

East 91st Street Christian Church —

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