How Do You Define Your Leadership? Mike Crull
Mike Crull

By Mike Crull

The nature and style of my leadership is best described as service and goal oriented. I strive to lead by clarifying and modeling the stated mission, values, and objectives of the Christian faith and practices seen in the life of Jesus Christ and prescribed in Scripture. In so doing, I first and foremost try to lead by example, modeling the essential expectations of the Christian faith, but also the mission and purpose of the organization, ministry, and community of people I serve and live within.

My leadership strengths include being direct, focused, grounded, stable, and someone who understands the expectations, rules, and procedures. I have good observation and listening skills, am able to clarify goals and establish realistic expectations, and make mission and purpose crystal clear. I naturally and instinctively understand systems, lines of structure and reporting (i.e., chain of command), and expect others to understand them as well.

My leadership style is more formal and even predictable than most. I tend to create a steady, efficient, and trusted atmosphere or workplace. I usually follow through on what I say or start, to the extent of working from dusk to dawn, if that is what is needed and is good for the others and organization. Loyalty and commitment to colleagues and the organization are of high value, and that is evident in my leadership.

I’m a strong proponent of self-leadership and self-administration. I am dependable and trustworthy, and hold myself accountable in my relationships with others. I am a steady leader who often works behind the scenes, performing in consistent and predictable ways. Conscientiousness in leadership would also define my style, which results in good planning, systems oversight, and the ability to achieve quality outcomes and results with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Mike Crull is executive pastor of East 91st Street Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana.

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