You Might Be a Pastor at a Country Church If . . .

10_BP_pony_JNBy Mark Wesner

• there are more horses than people in your county.

• your “auxiliary parking lot” is a cornfield.

• the directions to your church building include the words “covered bridge.”

• you have a church van . . . that you own.

• there’s a hitching post in your parking lot.

• you have two friends in the church in whom you can confide as accountability partners, and one of them is a third-grader.

• you pray that none of your church members’ names shows up in the local newspaper’s weekly “Police Blotter” column.

• you pray your name doesn’t show up in the “Police Blotter.”
Mark Wesner serves with Moscow (Indiana) Christian Church.

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Do You Understand?

Do You Understand?

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