The Giving We Dare Not Forget

By Mark A. Taylor

When Hurricane Katrina devastated communities and congregations throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast late this summer, Christian churches and churches of Christ responded generously.

As of September 26, $1.2 million had been given to help Journey Christian Church relaunch in New Orleans. Rick Grover, minister, has communicated with more than 300 churches in 49 states and 7 foreign countries who want to be involved. All of this will help him realize his vision to relaunch the new church plant and provide significant outreach throughout New Orleans as residents there rebuild their city and their lives.

At the same time, more than $2 million had been given for hurricane relief to International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES). Field Services Manager David Shelton urges supporters to keep checking the IDES Web site for continuing updates about the many work teams and relief efforts IDES is supporting throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Much more is happening than we can report in this space.

While all of this is wonderful, and all of it is necessary, something else must also happen. We must remember others throughout the country and around the world missionaries and church plants and colleges and camps that depend on us for their ongoing support. Charities throughout the country are bracing for lower end of year giving because their supporters have given instead to hurricane relief. More than one ministry in our fellowship has the same worries.

Now is the time for us to alleviate their concern.

We who have given for hurricane relief have not suffered to do so. But faithful workers will suffer, as will the work of Christ everywhere, if we fail to also give to the causes we usually support. Many of us have given out of our abundance to meet needs of hurricane victims. In gratitude for that abundance, maybe this is the year to give even extra to the many ministries counting on us for survival.

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