Helping Preachers Set a Higher Standard

By Mark A. Taylor

I remember a preacher who advised, “Read new books or find a new ministry.” In other words, no Christian leader can perform his ministry alone. He needs input from others in similar positions.

And if his job is to speak every week, or even every month, he needs the stimulus of others’ ideas.

That’s the motive behind a brand new Internet based service from Standard Publishing.

Preaching Standard will help preachers build their sermons. We believe preachers want more help than they find from the books in their library. And they want to know which new books most deserve a spot on their shelves. More and more preachers are turning to the Internet for sermon research, and we’ve designed a site that many of them will find helpful.

Preaching Standard is available exclusively from Standard Publishing. It offers complete sermons, fresh illustrations, interesting news bits and statistics, and reviews of important new books.

Tom Ellsworth is editor of the site; Paul Williams is executive editor. They will post new content every week. It will be archived and searchable a virtual library to help users whenever they need a fresh insight or a new idea.

Preaching Standard’s contributors are people you know: Alan Ahlgrim (Longmont, Colorado); Vince Anto nucci (Virginia Beach, Virginia); Rich Atchley (Fort Worth, Texas); Mark Atteberry (Kissimmee, Florida); Tim Dally (Roseville, California); David Erickson (Council Bluffs, Iowa); Jeff Faull (Mooresville, Indiana); Kyle Idleman (Louisville, Kentucky); Brian Jones (Collegeville, Pennsylvania); LeRoy Lawson (Payson, Arizona); Rick Rusaw (Longmont, Colorado); Mark Scott (Joplin, Missouri); Rubel Shelley (Nashville, Tennessee); Dave Stone (Louisville, Kentucky); Brent Storms (North Chelmsford, Massachusetts); Jim Tune (Toronto, Ontario); and Steve Wyatt (Peoria, Arizona).

Preaching Standard is an online subscription service. It’s available now at . While the site will always offer free materials for the occasional browser, the greatest value will come to subscribers. The fee for a whole year of access to all these valuable materials is only $49.95, but no one needs to pay that amount today. For a limited time, the site is available for an introductory price of $39.95 for one year or $59.95 for two. And you can access it free for a 30 day trial.

Here you’ll find substantive, usable material to enrich preaching all of it from Restoration Movement thinkers whose work has never been so easily available all in one place.

Visit the site, and you’ll see that subscribing is easy. Join now, or join on behalf of your preacher what a wonderful gift this would be!

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