Thought-Provoking Columns Ahead!

By Mark A. Taylor

It is quite a challenge to represent the diversity of Christian Standard readers and leaders in one list of 12 “Reflections” writers. But we believe we’ve done so again this year.

The 2006 lineup includes senior ministers, associate ministers, college professors, a missionary, and a writer and professor among the a cappella churches of Christ. All of these writers are leaders several of them with new churches, some with old churches, some with smaller churches, some with megachurches, and several with parachurch ministries. They come from one end of the continent to another.

All of them are good writers. I’ve already read their first columns. As I’m putting together each issue, I can hardly decide which column to use first. (Because of the timeliness of his topic, Rick Grover’s thoughts about ministry to hurricane survivors had to be first. See his column on page 14.)

Some thought provoking columns await you as you get acquainted with each of these “Reflections” writers throughout the coming year:

Becky Ahlberg, worship and family life minister, First Christian Church, Anaheim, California

Paul Boatman, associate dean of ministries, Lincoln Christian Seminary, Lincoln, Illinois

David Butts, president, Harvest Prayer Ministries, Terre Haute, Indiana

Arron Chambers, preaching minister, Southside Christian Church, Orlando, Florida

Rick Grover, lead minister, Journey Christian Church, New Orleans

Nancy Karpenske, director of wo-men’s ministry, Lifebridge Christian Church, Longmont, Colorado

Jeff Krajewski, lead pastor, Com-mon Ground Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

Phil LeMaster, senior minister, First Church of Christ, Grayson, Kentucky

Greg Marksberry, senior minister, Heritage Christian Church, Fayetteville, Georgia

Doug Priest, executive director, Christian Missionary Fellowship, Indian-apolis, Indiana

Jack Reese, dean of the College of Biblical Studies and Graduate School of Theology, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas

Dave Smith, professor of church planting, Ozark Christian College, Joplin, Missouri

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