Changing to Serve You Better

By Mark A. Taylor

We’re trying something new in 2008 in an effort to serve you better.

As a part of our 52-week publishing plan, we’ll offer 12 special, themed issues, appearing about once per month (see below). They will contain more than our usual 16 pages, and they will include more advertising. These special issues will have room for an unlimited number of advertisers who can place smaller as well as larger ads.

We believe this will be good for readers. These thicker issues will have room for more editorial content. The themes we’ve chosen all deserve special attention. And we think readers will be interested in the variety of ads they contain.

Meanwhile weekly one-page ad space will be available in other issues this year too. To advertise in CHRISTIAN STANDARD, write We’ll also send you information about new advertising opportunities in our sister publication, The Lookout.

We’re also changing our roster of contributing editors. These folks give us advice, contribute articles, and meet at least once per year in a planning/strategy meeting. We intended from the outset to make this a rotating group, with new members replacing former members from time to time.

This summer we said good-bye to four contributing editors whose input was valuable:

Betty Alexander, teacher and church leader at LifeSpring Christian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

Dave Ferguson, minister with Community Christian Church, Naperville, Illinois

Mark Scott, academic dean, Ozark Christian College, Joplin, Missouri

Tony Twist, president, TCM, Indianapolis, Indiana and Vienna, Austria.

To replace them, we’ve recruited four others:

Becky Ahlberg, worship and family life minister, Anaheim (California) First Christian Church

Randy Gariss, minister, College Heights Christian Church, Joplin, Missouri

Doug Priest, president, Christian Missionary Fellowship, Indianapolis, Indiana

Jon Weece, minister, Southland Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky

You’ll see the fruit of their counsel soon as we work together to make this magazine a more effective servant.





Special Issues in 2008

January 13: Youth and Children’s Ministry

February 17: NACC Preview

March 16: Christian Colleges

April 13: Annual Megachurch Listing

May 4: Focus on Externally Focused

June 8: Small Groups

July 13: Distribute at NACC

August 10: Smaller Churches

September 14: Worship

October 12: Church Planting

November 9: Reading Resources

December 7: Missions (distribute at National Missionary Convention)

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