Why Not Take Two or More?

By Mark A. Taylor

If you read many magazines or receive many parachurch periodicals, you’ve likely been reading about the impact of recent postage hikes.

Some publications are changing their trim size to cut costs or conform to new regulations.

Some previously free publications are now charging a subscription price or asking for donations.

Some are imploring readers to send timely change-of-address notices because of higher charges they’re receiving for forwarding issues.

We’re not doing any of those things, but we are making one small change.

Effective with our December issues, CHRISTIAN STANDARD and The Lookout are increasing the postage/handling charge for individual subscriptions to the magazines. This modest increase (only $2.00 for U.S. subscriptions) doesn’t cover our cost of mailing individual subscriptions, but it helps us lose less.

This is a good time for individual subscribers to consider the value available via our bulk rates. All the details are in the fine print at the bottom of this page, but just one example shows what I mean.

At the new rates, an individual subscriber pays $26.99 plus $7.00 postage and handling to receive CHRISTIAN STANDARD delivered every week. Compared with the price of other weekly magazines, this $33.99 is still a bargain. No one else offers the content we bring you.

But our bulk rates and charges are not increasing. They apply when a church or ministry orders just two issues every week. In that case the price per copy is only $20, and the postage and handling is 9 percent. That means you can receive two issues of CHRISTIAN STANDARD at the same address for just $40 per year, plus $3.60 postage and handling.

One copy: $33.99.

Two copies: $43.60.

For less than $10 more per year, isn’t there at least one other person in your church who’d be pleased to receive this magazine every week? Ministry staff members. Elders, deacons, ministry leaders. Sunday school teachers and small group leaders.

Give it some thought, and you may decide what others have concluded. There’s a large core of leaders at your congregation who will benefit from the thought-provoking content in CHRISTIAN STANDARD, written by, for, and about leaders in our churches.

Of course, many churches are already taking advantage of these savings. In fact, the per-issue price continues to decline as the size of the bulk order increases. CHRISTIAN STANDARD is providing a catalyst for discussions of issues and ideas that are crucial to our fellowship.

Somebody you know, who doesn’t see this magazine weekly, should.





— $26.99 per year plus $7.00 postage/handling (plus sales tax in FL and WA; $14.00 postage/handling per year for Canadian subscriptions; $17.50 for Mexico and all other foreign subscriptions).


— 2 to 14 copies to one address, $20.00 each/yearly; $5.50 each/quarterly.* (*Add 9 percent postage/handling when ordering multiple copies.)

— 15 to 34 copies to one address, $19.00 each/yearly; $5.25 each/quarterly. (*Add 9 percent postage/handling when ordering multiple copies.)

— 35 or more copies to one address, $18.00 each/yearly; $5.00 each/quarterly. (*Add 9 percent postage/handling when ordering multiple copies.)

Send address changes to CHRISTIAN STANDARD, 8805 Governor’s Hill Drive, Suite 400, Cincinnati, OH 45249. Send old and new addresses, complete with zip numbers, at least six weeks before delivery date.

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