A Simple Survey by, for, and About Elders

By Mark A. Taylor

What’s the state of elders in our churches? That’s the question I’m supposed to answer in a workshop at the Indianapolis Congress of Elders October 18.

I plan to remind them of helpful ideas contained in many Year of the Elder articles we’ve published so far this year. But I’d like to ask you, our readers, to help me draw an accurate picture.

How do you feel about the service of the elders in your congregation? Feel free to answer if you’re an elder, or part of the church’s paid staff, or some other member. Please complete this simple survey available at this link.

October 18 is coming soon, so please do this today. We’ll publish your responses in an upcoming issue.

And, if you’d like more information about the whole program planned for this year’s Congress, go to www.congressofelders.org. In fact, I’d love to see you there!

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