Help in a Complicated Age

By Mark A. Taylor

We live in a complicated world and a troubling age, which is one reason many come to a website like Here you find encouragement for your Christian walk, Bible teaching to help you confront ungodly influences, and models for Christian living today. And that’s not all. CHRISTIAN STANDARD offers you a connection to other nondenominational Christians around the world as well as strategies and ideas for making your ministry more effective.

21_Lookout_cover_JNBut while CHRISTIAN STANDARD focuses on leaders, our sister publication, The Lookout, and its website,, aims squarely at everyday Christians, regardless of their role in the church. And if you haven’t looked at The Lookout lately, you’d do well to rediscover the ways it helps Christians live out their faith in challenging times.

You can get some idea of The Lookout’s benefits just by visiting its website. Here you find what I like to call “practical inspiration,” biblical teaching to undergird the dozens of daily decisions a Christian must make. Every week, The Lookout’s readers find answers to questions like these: How do I please God with my life? What can I do to nurture a God-honoring family? What does the Bible teach about the big issues and controversial topics the newscasters and my neighbors are talking about?

Each of us is besieged with media messages these days. The Lookout guarantees that its real-life stories and practical Bible study will help the believer stay grounded.

If you’re a reader of The Lookout, you’ve probably already chosen your favorites among its regular features. Maybe it’s the magazine’s daily Bible-reading program with weekly commentary by David Faust. Maybe it’s the help with each week’s International Sunday School lesson, headed by Sam E. Stone’s Bible background. Maybe you use the correlated small groups discussion questions. Maybe you get help from family-advice columnists Phil and Bev Haas or media discussions by Charlie W. Starr. Maybe you like the insights and encouragement from Jacqueline Holness, Christy Barritt, or Jamie Shafer.

Whatever your reasons for reading The Lookout, editor Shawn McMullen would like to hear them. That’s why he’s prepared a five-question survey he’s hoping every reader of The Lookout will complete.

You can find the survey online and complete it in just a minute or two. Your responses will help make The Lookout even truer to its mission, a mission that deserves every reader’s attention: “The Growing Christian’s Weekly Resource.”




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We’re All in This Together

We’re All in This Together

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