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By Mark A. Taylor

If you receive our weekly e newsletter, you’ve already seen our annual call for megachurch attendance reports. If you missed that, however, please don’t ignore this notice:

If your church’s annual weekend worship attendance averaged 1,000 or more in 2006, we want to hear from you today!

We’ve almost finished compiling this year’s list, but it’s not too late for you to be included in this popular feature. If you’re the preacher at a church whose weekend worship average passed the 1,000 mark last year, please tell us today. (Send a note to with “megachurch” in the subject line.) We’ll return a simple form you can complete in just a few minutes, and then your church’s name will be added.

Meanwhile, watch for this year’s megachurch report in our April 15 issue.

Speaking of our weekly e newsletter, are you one of the thousands receiving it? It’s free and it’s available for you now.

Once you sign up, you’ll get a preview of the next CHRISTIAN STANDARD, delivered right to your inbox every week. Even better, read news clips about events, milestones, and ministries in Christian churches that very week. In addition, occasional special editions report breaking news from Christian churches.

It’s brief and easy to scan. It’s interesting and helpful; many readers find items to share with other leaders in their own congregation.

To get your copy, sign up for it right now by entering your e mail address in the box to the left, and you’ll receive your own copy of this weekly update.

You may wonder how we get the news for our weekly e newsletter. We hunt for it, scanning church newsletters and Web sites for nuggets everyone ought to read.

But you need not wait for us to find your news!

Send a note to our “Buzz” reporter, Jennifer Taylor, who compiles the news for that column and our e newsletter. (Write her at .) She’s looking for items that turn heads, encourage readers, and report victories.

Don’t be shy! We want to report what’s happening at your church. We will use your item either in the e newsletter, in “Buzz,” or in the news columns we publish most weeks in the back of the magazine.

Meanwhile, notice that many news items, as well as your letters to the editor , are posted to this Web site usually the day we receive them, always ahead of when they appear in the printed magazine. (Some letters posted on the Web never make it to our crowded print pages.)

All these features combine to make CHRISTIAN STANDARD much more than a weekly 16 page magazine. We are the meeting place for a growing community. And thanks to CHRISTIAN STANDARD both online and in print it has never been easier for you to stay connected with leaders and thinkers in Christian churches and churches of Christ around the world. “

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