Get Ready for the Adventure!

By Mark A. Taylor

Believe it or not, many church leaders have already started thinking about NEXT summer’s Vacation Bible School! That’s why Standard Publishing announced the 2012 VBS theme this July. Next year we’ll partner with you to bring “Adventures on Promise Island” to your church, and we can hardly wait.

I’m excited about this course because . . .

• It’s biblical. Each lesson features a Bible story with powerful reminders of God’s life-saving love:

I Am With You (Isaiah 41:10). Look how he protected Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3:1, 4-28).

I Care About You (1 Peter 5:7). Consider what happened when two of Jesus’ friends were grieving at the death of their brother (John 11:1-3, 17-44).

I Give You What You Need (Philippians 4:19). That’s what Jesus did for the man lowered through the roof (Mark 2:1-12).

I Will Save You (John 3:16). Jesus died to make our salvation possible (John 19:16-18, 29, 30; 20:24-31).

I Will Answer You (1 John 5:14). Paul and Silas’s answered prayers encourage all of us to pray (Acts 16:22-34).

• It’s flexible. Creative children’s ministries will use this material in daytime or evening schools, Sunday school, weeknight fun times, Christian service camp, and more.

Our VBS will work with site-based as well as classroom-based approaches, with many ideas for each option.

• It’s easy. Everything you need to plan your event, recruit your workers, and transform your site into Promise Island is here.

• It’s tested. Our June field test allowed one church’s VBS a weeklong preview of “Adventures on Promised Island.” The kids and workers loved every part of it—the lessons, the games,  the music, and the projects. And our VBS developers saw important ways to make the course even better for you next year.

• It’s important. We know VBS changes lives. People like you continue to tell us how VBS has reached kids, touched families, and injected hope where there seemed to be none. (See what we mean at

God’s promises never change, but your life will when you take your kids to Promise Island. That’s why we’re proud to tell you about the adventure in store for you when you use this material next year.


For more details, go to and click on “Adventures on Promise Island 2012.”

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